This workshop explores the science of holograms, those truly incredible 3d images created by lasers, and explains the fascinating science behind them.


No prior knowledge of science is needed or assumed, and you can rest assured that there is no mathematics involved!


During the workshop, you will gain an understanding how and why these amazing images work through experiment and explanation.


You will then have your opportunity to actually create your own small hologram to take away…

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The workshop combines scientific theory with very practical elements that use lasers to experiment and build a deep understanding of the mysteries of light. These elements give a foundation for your knowledge of how and why both lasers and holograms work.

It is a small group workshop with limited numbers, allowing more time and ability to question and participate. Minimum age of 16 years.

This workshop can also be run for external groups provided they have access to a suitable venue that can be used. Please contact me for details of venue requirements.

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Venue: Southend on Sea

Dates: Thursday 14th February 2019

Times: 7.00pm to 10.00pm 

Cost: £49.00 per person


To book your place, simply use the PayPal button below:

This experience is a 'must' for anyone interested in science...


Everyone has seen holograms – those amazing 3-dimensional images that seem quite magical by appearing to show depth.


But have you ever wondered how they work? More importantly, would you like to find out, and even make your very own hologram?


Well, this is your opportunity to do so!...


A Fascinating Science Experience for Adults