A Fascinating Science Experience for Adults


Everyone has seen holograms – the amazing 3-dimensional images that seem quite magical by appearing to show real depth. This exciting science experience gives you the chance to not only learn about the properties of light and how holograms actually work, but also to create your very own 3D hologram to take away and keep.


During the workshop you will experiment and explore the incredible properties of light, and develop your understanding of the science of holography. Using diode lasers, you will experiment and uncover real surprises about how light behaves, followed by the opportunity to create our own real hologram, perhaps using something that you have brought along to image. This hologram is yours to keep, (and show others!)

No prior knowledge of science is needed or assumed, and you can rest assured that there is no mathematics involved! However, the science is real, and your knowledge and understanding of holograms really work is carefully developed through practical experiment and explanation.


The workshop combines scientific theory with very practical elements that use lasers to experiment and build a deep understanding of the mysteries of light. These elements give a foundation for your knowledge of how and why both lasers and holograms work. It is a small group workshop with limited numbers, allowing more time and ability to question and participate.


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Venue: Essex

Dates: TBA

Cost: £95.00 per person

Venue: Cambridgeshire

Dates: TBA

Cost: £95.00 per person


Booking in advance is essential - there is no admission on the door.

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