A One-Day Workshop for Newcomers to Astronomy


A wonderful day for anyone wishing to know more the fascinating world of amateur Astronomy. Designed for newcomers to the hobby of astronomy, during the day you will discover the most essential ideas and information needed to explore and understand the universe! No prior knowledge of astronomy is required or assumed.

During the workshop we will be using a variety of ways to develop your understanding of space and astronomy as work our way out into the Universe. 

First, we start by exploring the Moon and the planets of our Solar System, and the ways in which you can successfully observe them in the night sky. Whilst we explore the origins of the Solar System, you will be able to examine real meteorites including rare and unusual specimens to show how they can give us vital clues to the origins and evolution of our own Solar System.

Then we will move our focus out to the stars and nebulae, showing how they form, live their lives, and end their lives in varied ways including creating supernovae and black holes. We also uncover the many different constellations, looking at both their history and where and when they can be found in the night sky, and how to navigate these constellations to find many fascinating objects from your own back garden. There is a fascinating practical element here where we introduce spectroscopy, one of the most powerful tools we have for understanding the universe…

Next, our exploration of the Universe travels out to the distant galaxies, the huge cities of stars that are spread throughout deep space. These can be seen with surprisingly small optical aid (or indeed, no aid at all) so we show you where you can find these distant star cities from your back garden.

Solar Eclipse

Understandably, beginners to astronomy always wish to know about telescopes and what they should buy to observe the night skies. We will be exploring this important topic with practical ‘hands-on’ session with lots of tips and ideas about how to get observing yourself and take a realistic look at choosing equipment for astronomy for any budget.

The day is designed to really give you the opportunity to experience the fun and fascination of astronomy, with lots of opportunities for your questions to be answered.

The day runs from 10.30am to 4.30pm, with the four main sections of the day separated by tea breaks and a short lunchbreak.


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Venue: Civic Centre, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Dates: Saturday 17th September

Cost: £85.00 per person

Venue: Cambridgeshire

Dates: TBA

Cost: £85.00 per person


Booking in advance is essential - there is no admission on the door.


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