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Science Horizons

Fascinating Science Experiences for Adults

Give a Fantastic Gift for Birthdays or Christmas - or Treat Yourself!

Science is fascinating, and with these workshops and experiences you can experiment with, and understand the amazing world around us. Designed for curious adults, and assuming no prior science knowledge, these workshops will amaze and provide an unforgettable experience!

They make a fantastic gift for others - or a special treat for you!
Workshops are run in both Essex and Cambridgeshire. New improved venues are currently being arranged, therefore if dates or locations are noted at TBA, please simply contact me and I will advise you as soon as they are finalised.

Current Workshops

Looking Through Telescope

Introducing Astronomy

Astronomy is a fascinating hobby, but can be daunting to newcomers. This special one-day workshop gives all the information you need  from the science of stars and galaxies, to choosing a telescope, and observing the night sky....

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Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming

An intensive and exciting one-day workshop that introduces the controversial, yet highly popular, topic of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) - an approach to the mind and personal change that has taken the world by storm!

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Atomics - Probing The Heart of Matter

A special workshop that explores the world of subatomic physics. Find out about the strange world of the atom, and make equipment to actually observe radioactive decay and subatomic particles... 

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Understanding Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis

Going beyond the myths and misunderstandings to uncover what hypnosis is and how it really works. There's no mystical mumbo-jumbo here, but many fascinating ideas about the subconscious and the science of the mind.

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Holograms - The Science of Light

Holograms are amazing 3-dimensional images, but seem like magic. In this workshop you will uncover science behind holography but also make a real hologram yourself? No maths required - just an enquiring mind..

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Workshop Feedback - What People Say...

 “The best course I have been on....”

 “The day shot by because it was so amazing!”

“Learned so much and all my thoughts about hypnosis have changed…"

 “Very interesting. Learned many things - too many to mention”