Exploring Space for KS1


Bringing the Excitement of Space to your School or Group!

Space is a fascinating topic, but can be challenging to bring to life in the classroom (and can also generate questions that can be difficult to answer for the non-specialist teacher!).

I will really engage your class or group with the topic of space in ways that are exciting and enhance learning,  and provide your group with an unforgettable experience.

Our session for KS1 has been co-developed with experienced KS1 teachers to provide an exciting learning experience for your pupils!....

KS1 Session Outline 
Our specially developed session for KS1 focusses around the Moon and space exploration to cover the requirements of the National Curriculum.


The Moon

We start our space exploration by finding out about the Moon, and how people have studied it in history.


In this section we will explore the phases and the craters of the Moon.


Practical activities include looking at an artificial Moon with small telescopes and creating our own meteorite Moon craters!



Your pupils will handle and examine real meteorites, with not only impressive specimens but also scientifically important ones, and learn where they come from and what they are.


Spaceflight and the Space Race

Explores the fascinating history of space travel, using a timeline to introduce the Space Race to the Moon, as well as the Apollo landings.

Half Full Moon

Toys of the Space Age

Learning with a difference with this exciting session that looks at childhood in the space age, through original toys and games with the space theme that was very popular during the space race.
As well as being really enjoyable, interactive and memorable, this session includes both substantial science and even an optional PSHE learning elements...



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