The Science Horizons Mobile Planetarium and Space Workshops

Our 6m dome allows a whole class, plus adults, to fit in comfortably.

Bringing the Excitement of Space to your School or Group!


  • Planetarium Shows

  • Handling Real Meteorites

  • Exploring Space Travel

  • and more...


Space is a fascinating topic, but can be challenging to bring alive in the classroom (and can also generate questions that can be difficult to answer for the non-specialist teacher!).

Our mobile planetarium solves this - and allows you to really engage your class or group with space in ways that are exciting, enhance learning,  and provides your group with an unforgettable experience.

Uniquely, Science Horizons can provide additional workshops at no extra charge meaning that every pupil can have an exciting space-baesed learning experience, not just in the planetarium but for the whole day!  Contact us for details.

What Teachers Say...

"Wonderful - an amazing experience for the pupils! They were talking about it for days afterwards."


"Mike really brought the world of astronomy alive for the children, with a well thought out and appropriate narrative the children could access. Highly recommended!"

"I was really impressed by Mike’s planetarium experience for the children. The children were able to access a clear night sky with all its constellations, but in the sports hall! "


What Pupils Say...

“The planetarium was a real treat. We were given a tour of the night sky inside a huge tent. I learnt about the constellations and the stories behind them”.


“It was like being given a tour of the stars under the night sky. I really enjoyed it.”

What We Can Bring To You!....

There are a wide range of programmes that I can offer, and am always happy to hone what we do to your particular requirements. The heart of the majority of visits is the Planetarium, but there are additional elements that we can add in for each group that  give an even more exciting and in-depth learning experience. This means you get the right visit for your requirements and budget - I would be delighted to discuss with you what would work ideally for your group. 

Planetarium Shows  

Our shows are not pre-recorded films that are full of flashy visuals, but which limit engagement and learning outcomes, but exciting, interactive live shows that utilise a star field projector that gives a more realistic sky, and engages your group with the science to maximise learning. 

Our shows are also adapted to your individual group and topic to make a fun, fascinating, yet fully educational experience.

For KS2, planetarium shows normally require about 50 minutes for each class/group, but this can vary depending on age group etc.

Meteorites Workshop


Your pupils will handle and examine real meteorites, with not only impressive specimens but also scientifically important ones, and learn where they come from and what they are.

They will also find out about shooting stars and even how they could find their own micro-meteorites!

This activity takes approximately 1 hour per group (depending on ages, ability and timetable).

A Space-Age Childhood Workshop


Learning with a difference with this exciting session that looks at childhood in the space age, through original toys and games with the space theme that was very popular during the space race.

As well as being really enjoyable, interactive and memorable, this session includes both substantial science and even an optional PSHE learning elements...

This activity takes approximately 1 hour per group (depending on ages, ability and timetable).

Spaceflight and Space Travel Workshop  

Explores the fascinating history of space travel, including the Moon landings (really topical with the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's landing on the Moon in 2019) and bring it up to date with modern space exploration and life on the International Space Station.

This includes artefacts from space travel.

This is approximately 1 hour per group (depending on ages, ability and timetable).

Where Do We Visit?


We are delighted to visit schools, groups and events in the following main locations:

  • Essex

  • Suffolk

  • Norfolk

  • Cambridgeshire

  • Hertfordshire

  • Bedfordshire

If you are outside these locations, please do contact me to discuss the possibilities - I would be delighted to help.

How Much Is A Visit?


Our pricing is simple, and designed to allow smaller as well as larger schools to find a visit cost-effective. Pricing is by time spent,  rather than content,  so for a given budget I might  I can work with several groups having planetarium shows only, or smaller groups having a more in-depth learning experience. I would be delighted to discuss with you how we  can bring space to life for your group.


Simply contact me for a no-obligation look at pricing and possibilties.


Having a planetarium visit you also saves on time and travel costs for coaches, as well as the logistic and safeguarding challenges of taking children off-site.

What About Safeguarding?

You can be assured that I have an Enhanced DBS checked and have worked with groups of all ages for over 25 years.

Any Questions ,or Making a Booking?

If you have any questions, or would like to make a booking, simply contact me without obligation

Science Horizons
07725 197424