A Fascinating Exploration of the Mind and Personal Development

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An intensive and exciting one-day workshop experience that introduces the very popular topic of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) - an approach to psychology and personal change that has taken the world by storm! 

During the day you will explore many of the core principles of NLP, including the NLP model of how we think, and the effects that has on the way we feel and act. You will also learn, and have the opportunity to practice, some of the key NLP tools for change, and so explore and experience many of the most powerful techniques from the NLP repertoire, in ways that allow you to really understand how and why they work.

Used extensively in both business and personal change and development, NLP includes many powerful ideas that can radically change how we think about the mind. It combines ideas from many disciplines and extends them to develop new techniques and tools for understanding ourselves and others, enhancing interaction, and accelerating powerful inner change and development.

We also develop a deeper understanding of the subjective approach of NLP, and understand some key ideas such as:

  • Metaprogrammes

  • Anchoring

  • Subjective Visualisation techniques

  • Internal Auditory techniques

  • Time Lines

The workshop gives you the opportunity to not only find out more about the fascinating topic of NeuroLinguistic Programming, but also develop your understanding of yourself, and if you wish to do so, utilise it to aid your personal development.

This is an idea packed and intensive workshop, which can also make a great gift for anyone interested in the mind.

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Some feedback comments from the previous workshops…

"The best course I have been on....”
“Very interesting. Learned many things - too many to mention”
“Blown away!”

Please Note: this is a special workshop for those interested in the science of the mind – it is intensive and designed to give a good introduction to NLP, including NLP techniques for personal development. However, it does not give you the in-depth knowledge to practice NLP with others, nor is it suitable for resolving deep personal issues.

As part of the day, practical experience by trying out many of the ideas presented can really add to the experience, reinforcing your deeper understanding and knowledge. However, naturally, if you don’t wish to take part in any of the experiential aspects or practicals, you are not obliged to do so.

Workshop Dates


Venue: Civic Centre, Southend on Sea, Essex

Dates: Saturday 10th September

Cost: £ 99.00 per person

Venue: Cambridgeshire

Dates: TBA

Cost: £99.00 per person


Booking in advance is essential - there is no admission on the door.

For personal and gift bookings please refer to the Bookings page.

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