A Fascinating Exploration of the Mind

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Many people are fascinated by the topic of psychology and the mind. This one-day psychology experience affords you the opportunity to experience a wonderful introduction to a fascinating and often greatly misunderstood aspect – hypnosis. 

Whether you wish to know about hypnosis for personal development, or just for curiosity and a desire to know more about the way that the mind works, this is an experience you won't want to miss.

During the day we will use the fascinating history of hypnosis as a starting point to explore many different hypnotic tools and techniques as they developed.

At the heart of the day is practical understanding of the subject, through learning and your actually practising actual hypnosis techniques in practical demonstrations and exercises - however, please be assured that there is nothing scary or worrying about these! You are very much encouraged to participate, but of course if you feel uncomfortable with any of them, they are not mandatory.

We will also develop an understanding of techniques of self-hypnosis, and how this could be utilised for your own practical self-help and personal development.

 Some feedback comments from the previous workshops…

•    “Fun, informative course.”
•    “Learned so much and all my thoughts about hypnosis have changed… also amazingly relaxed at the end”
•    “Practical’s were fun, not scary”
•    “The day shot by because it was so amazing!”

What Happens During the Day?

Your day starts at 9.30am, where we will begin our exploration of hypnosis in a light-hearted way by looking at popular representations of it in the media, before building an understanding of the development of hypnosis through the ages, starting with the earliest ancient hypnotists, and moving through to the present day.

After a short break for tea, we then begin our real practical explorations of some key ideas about suggestion, and you will start to experience and experiment with these ideas yourself. We will then cover how suggestion turns into hypnosis, in the run-up to a short lunchbreak…


After lunch, its all about the different ways of inducing a hypnotic trance, and then how to deepen it, and a look at the different t effects (both physical and psychological) of hypnosis such as amnesia, pain reduction and so on…

Then, following our welcome afternoon tea break, we will be explaining and experiencing g self-hypnosis, which not only helps you to reinforce the ideas of the day, but could also provide you with a practical and effective self-development tool…

Please Note: this is a special educational experience for those interested in the science of the mind – it is intensive and designed to give a good understanding of hypnosis, including excellent techniques for personal development. However, it does not give you the in-depth knowledge required to practice hypnotherapy with others, nor is it suitable for resolving deep personal or psychological issues.

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Venue: Civic Centre, Southend on Sea, Essex

Dates: Saturday 8th October

Cost: £ 99.00 per person

Venue: Cambridgeshire

Dates: TBA

Cost: £ 99.00 per person



Booking in advance is essential - there is no admission on the door.

For gift bookings please refer to the Bookings page.

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