Exploring the most Important Tools in Science


A fascinating one-day practical workshop for anyone interested in science that gives a fascinating and practical understanding of two key ways of probing into the very heart of matter.


Spectroscopy - Analysing Starlight


When Sir Isaac Newton split white light into a spectrum, he little realized the scientific understanding that lay within the beams of coloured light. 


Spectroscopy can give us information about the smallest and largest things in the Universe - both the structure of atoms and  what stars thousands of light years distance from us are composed of. Remarkably it can also be used to analyse their movement and even tell us  much about the planets orbiting these other stars.

In this engaging workshop you will not only learn about the key principles of spectroscopy, but build and use your own spectroscope to probe the atom and measure the energy levels of atoms.  You will gain a new view of science and the way we can use the secrets within light to understand the universe.

This workshop assumes no prior knowledge, and facility with mathematics is also not required! An enquiring mind is all you need!


The Atomic Structure


At school we all learn about atoms, and how they make up everything. However, atoms themselves have strange, fascinating, and intricate structures. In this workshop you will learn about what is gong on at the very heart of matter, and build apparatus to observe subatomic particles in real time!

The quantum world of subatomic physics is a strange place, where common sense rules don't seem to apply. In this workshop we find out about this weird and wonderful world.

You will construct equipment to observe the decay of atoms and observe subatomic particles, including cosmic rays formed from beyond our glaaxy!


By the end of the workshop, you will understand much more about the world of the atom.

This is a challenging but exciting workshop. There is no maths, and no previous science knowledge is assumed, but be prepared for your preconceptions of reality to be challenged in a good way! 


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Venue: Essex

Dates: TBA

Cost: £75.00 per person

Venue: Cambridgeshire

Dates: TBA

Cost: £75.00 per person


Booking in advance is essential - there is no admission on the door.


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